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About Us

NBLindsey and Lori are both National Board Certified Teachers. 
Lori certified in 2003 and re-certified in 2013.  Lindsey certified in 2012.


Lindsey and Lori are both recipients of the National Science Foundationís Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching.  Lori received the award in 2009.  Lindsey received the award in 2013.


Lindsey & Lori, together, have presented at conferences and held workshops
in California, Massachusetts, South Dakota, and Texas.

Lori has been published in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics journal,
The Mathematics Teacher.

BHSULindsey earned a Masterís Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from
Black Hills State University in 2008. 

Educational Consultants & TeacherPreneurs
Lori Keleher
Now in my 22nd year of teaching in the public school system, I look back and know there is no better profession out there for me.  From playing Lori_Pixschool with my teddy bears and set of encyclopedias in my childhood dining room at the age of 6 to standing on a stage in Washington D.C. receiving an award from the National Science Foundation at the age of 38, it has been an amazing journey every step of the way. 
Each day (like you, if youíre a teacher), I awake with big plans, and thoughts about how I can make my lessons and my studentsí experience in my class the best possible.  I arrive at school and am greeted by colleagues who have chosen the same career and spend time with those who are as passionate as I am about teaching and learning.  I greet my students and we go to work. My job is to facilitate their learning and I think Iíve become pretty good at doing that through the years. 
And that is how I came to be here, at TransformYourClassroom.net.  My school day now also includes trying, testing, refining and re-testing activities that motivate, engage, and challenge my students.  I video my classes, and then watch those videos at the end of the day, analyzing and reflecting:  What went well?  What didnít?  How can I make this lesson or activity better?  I photograph my progress.  The activities that work the best to enhance student learning end up here, in our workshops. 
Because Iím getting older, people have started asking me how many years I have left, how soon can I take the early retirement package and run!   But, honestly, I canít imagine my life without my school. I still love what I do.  And as long as I love it, Iím going to be good at it.  And as long as Iím good at it, I might as well stay!  Thanks for reading and I hope to work with you soon at one of our events.

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Lindsey Brewer
Teaching allows me to fulfill two passions, my love for mathematics and my desire to be a lifelong learner.Lindsey_Pix I believe that each and every student has to ability to learn math, I help them develop this ability by believing in them and guiding the process. I am a proponent of active learning and use a variety of methods to encourage discussion and interaction, fun ways to practice their math skills in authentic situations. For me, teaching provides an opportunity for continual learning and professional growth. As I share my passion for math and learning, I hope to instill a love for learning and maybe even a love for math in my students. I believe that teachers who share this passion and teach with enthusiasm connect with the students and increase learning performance. I strive to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.